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  • Are you feeling depressed?

  • Have you problems dealing with anxiety?

  • Are you lacking confidence?

  • Do you know how to set boundaries?

  • Do you struggle to love yourself?

  • Are you able to sticks to new habits?

  • Have you problems achieving your goals and dreams?

Those are the problems and struggles that Peaceful Pace can help you with! Through mindfulness, meditation, yoga, journaling, coloring, and many many other techniques, we can help you to be the person that you always wanted to be!

Are you ready to put all these problems in your past and never look back? So let's jump right in! But before, a little more about myself so you know whom you will work with!


Basically, a globe-trotter since I am a kid, I traveled the world with my family first. Then, I started my own personal travels around 14 years old, doing student exchanges and humanity works. History, geography, and the different cultures of our planet always amazed me, and I wanted to know, taste, see and experience everything. And I have done just that. By being a life coach, I had the possibility to travail and work almost everywhere.

But one day, I had this crazy idea to get into the tourism industry, and after starting, working, and owning a travel agency for a few years. I was miserable, and I got back into a dark place that I had experienced all my life. I had kept it at bay for many years with things like mindfulness, gratitude, meditation, yoga, and travels. But this experience really gets into me and almost destroyed me.

And now, life sent me a message with coronavirus. This illness completely destroyed the travel industry that will need so many years to get back on track! It got me a way to escape from that "gulag" that I put myself into, and little by little, I am reconstructing myself and get into what I really want, which is creating, singing at any occasion that I can, and life coaching! Because I want to help other people stuck in that dark place, I want to be to give them my hand and bring them back into the light. I want them to achieve their dreams and goals like me! So are you ready to follow the white rabbit and discover the back of the mirror?

THRIVE RISE AND SHINE is Peaceful Pace's motto, and we will do this together!


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