25 Tips to Make Chores More Exciting

Who wants to do chores? No one, to be precise. But what if I told you that housework might be enjoyable? Or, at the very least, more satisfying than when they are present.

Housework, food preparation, yard work, bill paying, errand running, buying groceries, rearranging, cleaning, maintenance, scheduling, and planning are all examples of chores. For many of us, exercise (body upkeep) is a chore. Others, I'm sure, exist. Please tell me what you consider a task in the comments section.

25 Tips to Make Chores More Exciting

And how does this relate to organizing? You can't simply tidy your belongings and suddenly expect them to stay that way forever. Sorry for the inconvenience!

As I tell my customers, every organizing endeavor has a managing time element. It will all build up again and be harder to deal with later if you don't take a few minutes a day to preserve your new processes by putting your stuff away where it goes and cleaning up the mess you produced. Things also change. New items are sent to your house or business. You relocate or switch employment. An old pastime is replaced with a new one. Things that were once significant to you are now taking up space in your home and hindering you from living your desired life.

So let's change that, and let me show you how to have fun while doing it!

1. Make a mindset shift.

One of my favorite Wayne Dyer quotations is: "Change your perspective on things, and the things you view will change." Consider chores as something you WANT to do rather than something you HAVE to do. I advocate clarifying WHY you're doing what you're doing in Why I Love Chores, making it simpler to maintain doing it (or easier to quit doing it, as the case may be). In Being Organized Isn't Easy, I discuss how it is far more difficult not to be organized than to get and stay organized.

2. Don't call them chores.

Instead of chores and duties, how about beautiful moments to ensure a smooth and pleasurable life? That's something I made up right now. Do you think it's good? Be inventive, and please share your ideas with me!

3. Simplify

Almost every work can be made more accessible. For instance: How many laundry categories do you have? Is it possible to mix a few of them? I split the lights and dark and occasionally put in a pure white batch. A customer of mine was divided by the rainbow's colors. As a result, getting enough purples for a full load may take months. I'm not kidding. It was pretty distressing for her and took up a lot of room in her home.

4. Reduce your possessions.

No matter how little their living space is or how few clothing and dishes they possess, everyone has laundry and dishes to do. However, it is much easier to take care of your belongings when you have fewer of them...right? It's also a lot easier to clean surfaces that aren't cluttered.

5. Contact a friend

Chatting while working helps some people pass the time more quickly. Of course, it depends on the work. It works well with anything peaceful (not cleaning) and time-consuming (washing dishes or folding laundry). It's essential to have a hands-free phone.

6. Listen to an audiobook.

It is how I make doing housework enjoyable! Listening to audiobooks and podcasts while doing housework or yard work is one of the finest ways I've found to multitask. While at work, you may listen to the newest bestseller, gain business ideas, or get inspired by a TED lecture! It works best for me when the task is manual and decision-free, similar to dialing a friend. It doesn't work if I'm doing something for the first time and need to focus on following textual directions.

7. Play Your Favorite High School Playlist

Want to make your cleaning spree a lot more enjoyable? Play some music. Make sure you're listening to something cheery for optimal motivation: researchers at Texas Tech University revealed that study participants listened to happy music. At the same time, the training worked out for longer, which means it could just make those chores fly by as well.

8. First, write out what you want to achieve.

Before getting out the broom, make sure you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve while cleaning. It will make it easy to know when you're finished, but it may also make you more inclined to achieve the goals you've set for yourself. Researchers from the Dominican University of California discovered that writing down goals increased the likelihood of study subjects achieving them considerably.

9. Provide Incentives

When it comes to completing tasks around the house, a little encouragement goes a long way. After a hard day of cleaning, offering yourself an enjoyable experience, whether a flick on the couch or supper out with your significant other, might make you far more likely to clean up after yourself.

10. Turn It Into a Workout

Turn your chore marathon into a marathon exercise to kill two birds with one stone. Putting on ankle weights, performing calf raises while washing dishes, or making lunges while mopping or vacuuming will help you fulfill your cleaning and exercise objectives in one fell swoop.

11. Let the competition begin!

Add some healthy rivalry to your tasks if you're performing them with your kids, roommate, or significant other. Provide stickers or screen time as an incentive to whoever cleans up their space the fastest or have the loser pay the winner for dinner to make things more pleasurable.

12. Get Some Cute Cleaning Equipment

You're probably not going to start cleaning your house with that old mop and broom. However, getting some somewhat fancier cleaning gear, whether a pair of ruffled cooking gloves or a lovely dustpan and brush set, can help you feel better about cleaning.

13. Watch a Flick

There's no reason you can't get your tasks done while doing something you'd instead do, chevalier. While folding laundry, washing a pile of dishes, or organizing, put on a movie. Your task will be completed before you realize it.

14. What You Can Automate

Working hard has a lot of worth. There's certainly something to be said for not having to vacuum your carpets every single day. Whenever feasible, automate some of your more monotonous duties, such as having your mail picked up instead of going to the post office, utilizing a robot vacuum to clean up after yourself, or using a local laundromat's drop-off service. Having some of your duties completed for you will make the ones you have to perform yourself appear less daunting.

15. Put on your cleaning equipment.

Why are you cleaning your work clothes if you won't go to the gym? According to research, having clothing dedicated to specific jobs might boost motivation, so go ahead and buy yourself something attractive to clean in.

16. Make a to-do list.

Chore charts worked for you as a youngster, and there's no reason why they won't work for you today—having a chore chart in your kitchen will act as a visual reminder of what you need to accomplish and help you stay motivated. Even better, once your responsibilities are split down, dealing with the clutter in your home will feel a lot more doable.

17. Provide visual reminders of what you've accomplished.

Give yourself a gold star when those duties are completed. According to research, rewarding chores may greatly improve workplace performance, so a few gold stars you can redeem for something pleasant will keep you on track to keep the place clean.

18. Get the Label Maker Out!

Do you want to make every task easier and more enjoyable? Purchase a label maker and use it to identify where items belong in your home. A little organization may drastically reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning up.

19. Clean Up Once a Month

Instead of committing to a weekly cleaning marathon, consider a monthly clean-out of spots throughout your house. Going through your home and making heaps of items to give or toss will significantly speed up the cleaning procedure in the future.

20. Start a scavenger search for lost things.

It is a fantastic approach to track for something you've been hunting for but can't seem to locate. Make your own set of rules. Whatever location I visit must be clean and well-organized in my scavenger hunt. I conceal "lost" objects (items that aren't missing) in some of the locations we intend to seek, and I ask my children to participate in the hunt.

21. Attempt to outrun the clock

Treat your duties as a race to make them more enjoyable. Set a timer for yourself and walk through each area, attempting to clean everything before the bell rings.

22. Conquer and Divide

Make cleaning an activity you undertake with your partner instead of shutting off when cleaning. It will convert chores into an enjoyable bonding experience, but it will also help you save time by reducing the time it takes to complete the task, leaving you more time to do things you like instead.

23. Keep It Short

Chores don't have to be a marathon task all the time. Making it a succession of sprints can make it a lot more enjoyable. You'll be less likely to feel burdened by the pile of duties you have if you schedule minor cleaning jobs throughout the day.

24. Schedule Rest Periods

Also, take a few minutes off every hour when completing chores. In the long term, a cup of coffee, a talk with a friend, or simply sitting for a few moments between activities might make your to-do list appear less daunting.

25. Things Must Come to an End at a Precise Moment

Your employment should conclude at a specific hour, and so should your duties. Setting a fixed quitting time can help you do the work without feeling like you're squandering your entire day.

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