Mindfulness journal

Mindfulness journal

Mindfulness is about knowing where we are (being in the moment) and also about maintaining an awareness of where we have been (reflection) and where we are going (having goals). A meditation journal can help us with all of those areas of awareness, helping us to have a more unified awareness of ourselves.


Mindful journaling may seem self-explanatory, but many do not know the benefits or where to begin. Mindful journaling is the act of expressively examining what is in your head and in your heart.

Mindful journaling is meditative writing. It is asking yourself why you feel a certain way (anger, happiness, frustration, love) and then let it go... out of your head and onto the paper.

It is asking yourself about yourself, and in turn, you get to know who you really are: your motives, your values, the way you think, and the way you feel. When you put it on paper, you are freed from your thoughts and are enabled to move past them. Mindful journaling is asking yourself about yourself, and in turn, you get to know who you really are.

Our minds are messy because we are constantly engaged in a one-way conversation. Mindful journaling will allow you to open the lines of communication and start the much-needed conversation with yourself to bring your issues front and center instead of brushing them under the rug.

Mindful journaling is the time to confront your thoughts, explore your curiosities, and face your feelings head-on. Reflection is such an enormous part of your growth, and when you journal, you get out of your head and become present.

So, now that you know all the benefits let's see what you will get with this offer!


First Section

1. Personal info
2. Calendars 2021
3. 12 months individual calendars

The first page of the daily section

1. Place for date
2. Mood tracker
3. Mediation log
4. Today I choose to feel
5. Today I will focus on
6. Today I feel inspired By
7. Good habits of the day
8. To-do list
9. Today I'm grateful for

The second page of the daily section

1. 10 minutes to reflect on your day
2. 3 moments you'd like to remember
3. One idea of today that you'd like to explore further
4. One of the day's challenges big or small
5. What I did wrong and how to avoid that

The third page of the daily section

1. Journaling / Note free space

Those three pages repeat themselves for you can do them every day for a perfect daily mindfulness practice!


1. Instantly downloadable PDF file (NO physical items are shipped)
2. Large 8.5'' x 11'' designs that can easily be printed on regular sized paper
3. PDF with a total of 100 Pages sizes 8.5"x11", A4 and A5
4. 100 Pages of daily meditation journal logs
5. High-resolution and High quality
6. Unlimited prints (for personal use only)
7. Great gift or present for any men or women of all ages that want to start or perfect their meditation and mindfulness practice!

So don't let this occasion pass you by! Buy NOW!


1. Free, fast shipping Because there is no shipping. You receive the book immediately, and you can start having fun right away!
2. 5 Stars Service
3. Good rapport quality/price





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  • FAQ

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    You can open your files from a PC in Adobe Reader to download for free, go to https://get.adobe.com/reader/

    2. How do I edit the file?

    These files are non-editable if you need a personalization you can request by sending us a message!

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    4. Do you offer refunds?

    As these are digital products that are instantly downloadable upon purchase we are unable to offer refunds. We will do our best to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase.


    1. Once you have downloaded your file, you can now open the PDF file and print it at home on 8.5"x11" paper or A4 sized white paper. We would recommend using thicker card stock paper.
    2. If you can't print at home you can also take your file to your local print shop such as - Office Depot, Staples, Office Max, Office works, Ryman, etc. Be sure to double-check with your local store if they can print these types of files first. You can ask if they can open and print PDF files in the latest version of Adobe Reader.
    3. Feel free to laminate your print so that you can use it with dry markers for repeated use!