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Learning to balance your life is not easy. Life goes fast, and we let it slip away before our eyes. Here I want to give you a place to pause, a place to relax, a place to learn how to take better care of yourself. Through meditation, yoga, better nutrition, and quality time with yourself and your loved ones, I hope to help you achieve this goal.


Entrepreneur myself, also mindfulness, mindset and transformational coach, and just human being that struggled a great part of her life with confidence and self-esteem. I know how hard the path is, but I also know how great you will feel when your mood, health, mind, and body improving! And more important, how it will impact your dreams, goals, and life altogether! First step? Sign in to our newsletter right below, so we can keep in touch! Welcome to Peaceful Pace. May your journey be (like Barney says) LEGEND-ARY!

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